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god's america - s-t cdr

God's America was an experimental post-hardcore Atlanta, GA.-based trio, formed in 2005. Garnering a cult following and playing numerous shows in the local Atlanta underground scene, God's America disbanded in the summer of 2006 before their guitarist moved to London.

The band's name was inspired by in particular by the Alan Jackson song Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) and the rise of Fundamentalist Christianity in post-9/11 America in general . Vocalist joined before the self-released, DIY cassette that would eventually go out of print and be re-released as a CD-R on Stickfigure Records. God's America played its last show at the Drunken Unicorn on August 26, 2006.

Opening for such bands as Fatal Flying Guilloteens and touring with Deerhunter, God's America demonstrated an uncanny ability to produce cacophonously Beefheartian guitar structures without being bogged down by the constraints of turn-of-the-century post-hardcore excesses.

"Utilizing a mix of jazz and rock style drumming in conjunction with an octave generator driven guitar sound completed with highly reverbed female vocals, God's America astound and leave audiences bewildered at the same time. Captain Beefheart meets Black Sabbath meets Steely Dan meets Elton John?!?" -- stickfigure

"Awesomely peculiar post-rock/art punk/math-sludge-splurt from Atlanta, whose ranks include members of Blame Game.

The trio concoct weird smeared math rock textures and very angular post-punk twitch over which extremely reverb dunked sorta-spoken vocals meander and mutter sleepily, and then shift into dreamlike plodding sludge, like a shoegaze pop band slowing down into a heavy narco caveman-Sabbath dirge cut up with splattery jazz/punk drumming and an octave generator jacked into the guitar. Very nice, very weird.

Angular postpunk indie-dreamsludge with an even more stoned sounding than usual Kim Gordon on vocals? The disc is spraypainted and comes inside of a handmade color calendar cutout assembled into a wallet sleeve with duct tape." -- crucial blast

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a blow to the cranium

cranium - 'pragmatics'

"This CD showcases Cranium in it's earlier stages of developing a new vision for metal and instumental music in general. Some of the compositions are built much like jazz tunes, using a head-solos-head format, and emphasizing the individual talents of the three members of the band while still creating a strong, tight, and cohesive group sound. The music also borrows melodically and rhythmically from Middle Eastern and world music. Strongly influenced by artists as wide ranging as King Crimson, Rabih-Abou Khalil, John Zorn, Meshuggah, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Screaming Headless Torsos, Dave Holland Quintet, Ornette Coleman, Krysyztof Penderecki, James Brown, Helmet, Napalm Death, and Weather Report, just to name a few.

The overall musical aim is to allow the disparate musical interests of the individual band members to gel together to create a new kind of music while remaining fiercely uncompromising in it's creation and performance." -- cdbaby

features former members of december

keelhaul, breadwinner, collapsar, icepick revival (sans vox), the fucking champs, don caballero, meshuggah, helmet, loincloth, or any odd-timed jazz-flavored tech metal

pragmatize yer cranium

a very special mothguts christmas

Aggressive Free Jazz Grindcore from NJ.

Birthed on Halloween night 2005, Mothguts is a band. And said band creates music in the style of what one might call “free-grind.” “Free,” as in “free jazz,” and “Grind,” as in “grindcore.”

their music is a combination of jazz, metal, hardcore, and noise with a great deal of improvisation. Their influences would include bands and artists like Painkiller, Last Exit, Anal Cunt, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Naked City, Anthony Braxton, and Arnold Schoenberg to name but a few. Mothguts have self-released three CD’s (2 of original material and a Christmas record.), and have a split 12'' vinyl on Kitchen Dweller records (U.K.)

They're toured much of the east coast and continue to do so. They’ve been known to do silly things like making every CD and t-shirt by hand and playing whole sets of instrumental Sabbath covers.

happy holidays

seized - s-t

"This is a discography CD of compilation and split vinyl tracks from Canadian sludge band Seized. During their brief existence in the mid-1990's, these guys delivered some killer misanthropic sludgecore, part psychedelic human-hate a la Dystopia, part Man is the Bastard bass-heavy craziness, and part Disassociate/Brutal Truth-styled hemp-fueled grind, with mosntrous, gutteral roars.

The lyrics are pure negativity, but there are some surprisingly catchy hooks and uptempo chuggers on here beneath a triple bassist assault. Thats right, these guys had THREE BASS PLAYERS, no guitar, with the basses downtuned as fuck and eerily dissonant, crushing, winding bass lines driving these dirges along, a bulldozing heavy avalanche of catchy tarpit blast. There are also violins on some of these songs, making them even creepier than usual. Featured former members of the even more obscure Human Greed." -- crucial blast

includes a cover of black sabbath's hand of doom; some of seized went on to form the mass (canadian dirgey metal)

seize the moment

mugzu - a comprehensive view of a job well done

unique hardcore metal w/ some death metal/southern metal moments, & w/ a slight sense of humor

"This is a pinnacle E.P by the Texas Metal band Mugzu. This is a limited edition EP that has been hailed as the new sound in Texas hardcore metal. " -- cdbaby

a job: view comprehensively.. done well

food for thought - now that's what i call 'kin' music

19 tributes, violations, and abominations of the music of Iron Maiden.

genre-defying interpretations of genre-defining heavy metal music ...

"If Iron Maiden were jazz, Motorhead or Simon and Garfunkel what would they sound like? Or if they were bossanova, funk, AC/DC or played by the camp fire? The answers to those questions can be found at Food for Thought.

Masterminds behind the project are Swedes Henrik Johansson and Mattias Reinholdsson. They have been aided by (to name some of the more known) L-G Petrov (Entombed), Bjarn Flodkvist (Enter the Hunt, ex-Candlemass and Gone) and Chris Dale (Sack Trick and Bruce Dickinson). Even Iron Maidens own bodyguard Peter Lokrantz is featured! Talented friends have helped out playing other instruments, for instance, key harp, banjo, accordion, cello, guitar, were needed." -- cdbaby

bone apetit

when dinosaurs ruled the earth - snacks

Texas noise scuz band with an interest in high volume, repetitive riffs, beer, marijuana, delay pedals, and Sunn Beta Series amps.


 "Made up of members of Austin bands Tuxedo Killers and Awesome Cool Dudes, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth are a sevenpiece outfit (sporting two singers, two guitars, two drummers, and bass) who debut here with a 26 minute mini-album of goofy, heavy, progressive sludgepop that flies all over the map, splattering their songs with gobs of feedback and freaked heavy riffage.

'Glee Club' starts the disc off with the band doing a bit of lo-fi Polyphinic Spree choir singing, and then lurches into a 7 track weirdo feast of together gooey sludgemetal riffs, skronky no-wave freakouts, random noise, and jittery indie rock, a monstrous dayglo hallucination mashing together the epileptic spazz punk of bands like XBXRX and Blood Brothers with the tarpit heaviness of Flipper and Melvins while dual vocalists Li'l Dino G and Li'l Dino J spit out bizarre streams of consciousness and incomprehensible screams.

The last track 'Bananafana' is an especially skull-stomping dronesludge freakout that sounds like Sleep getting stuck in a locked groove for 12 minutes." -- crucial blast

snackasaurus skeletal remains

viva la rexvolution

compilation of northwest & west coast bands put out by rexvolution recordings

With a Bullet - Clonazepam (Previously Unreleased)
Hellrancho - Pieces (Previously Unreleased)
The Valley - Cruiser (Originally heard on the S/T EP CD/10")
Mendozza - Otzi the Wanderer (Edit, Originally heard on White Rhino, released by Reversed Records)
Mos Generator - Silver Olympus (Rx-mix, Originally heard on Songs for Future Gods, released by Small Stone)
Kaskadia - Love Junkie Needle and Spoon (Previously Unreleased)
Backwoods Payback - Dirtbike (Originally heard on S/T full lencth CD, Self Released)
Golden Pig Electric Blues Band - Funeral Wizard (Originally heard on Hitch Hiking to Oblivion, released by Heavy Hermit)
Oaks - Spine (Originally heard on Bravo!, Self Released)
Lozen - Made with Love (Edit, Originally heard on Enemies Against Power, released by Violent Hippy/ Australian Cattle God)
Sower of Dischord - Blood Sodden Screams (Originally heard on S/T CD, Self Released)
War With Saturn - White Widow (Previously Unreleased)
3D Witch Hunt - Sweet Henrietta (Previously Unreleased)
Stone Axe - Black Widow (Originally heard on S/T 7", released by Roadburn)
Bacchus - Black December (Originally heard on S/T 7", released by Flotation)

viva la rexvolution

Saturday, October 17, 2009

c average - s-t + second rekoning

Olympia, WA hard rock trio C Average was formed by singer/guitarist Jon Merithew, Melvins bassist Joe Preston and drummer Brad Balsley. Debuting in 1998 with a self-titled LP on Kill Rock Stars, the band nevertheless earned its greatest notoriety for regularly backing Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder during his infrequent solo gigs; replacing Preston with bassist Tim Brown, C Average issued their second album in 2000. Second Reckoning followed on Kill Rock Stars in early 2001.


second reckoning


The band started out in Portland, OR with more surf/punk influences, and has since expanded its style as well as its repertoire, experimenting now with structure and rhythm. They contrast complexity against simplicity and blur the lines between chaos and form. McClain (noise), the newest member, joined up with Deb (bass), Jamez (drums) and Matt (guitar) in June 2003, adding a new dimension to the original sound by incorporating elements of hardcore, experimental and psychedelic rock. The band has since been bringing more noise into the mix. A more progressive and harder tone has been set especially live where the shows are a vicious catharsis. A true primal scream therapy session. CART! has been a preforming band since October 2003 and has already toured many times, and has also won rave reviews in the process, expanding their odd but large fan base. They are completely independent and exist on an underground level that suits their needs. They answer to no one. They are all unique characters who are completely different from each other but coexist on a level of understanding that is "CART!". In September of 2004 they moved to Salt Lake City, UT and are still currently living there . Matt left the band during August of 2005. They now perform as a trio but the original intention of the band remains the same.

Their musical mission is to open their audience's minds through the powerful mediums of progressive music and art. They make music for themselves and the few individuals who dare to think for themselves and who don't care what conformists (underground scenesters) feel about them. They dislike classifying their own music or anyone else's music because in doing so it pigeon holes bands, slows the very evolution of their art and stunts the essential seed of music from growing. Therefore they have chosen to call their sound "Entheogen Punk." The word entheogen refers to the potential for the music to put the mind into a state of euphoric enlightenment where definitions and ego's have no significance. In particular this means that the desire to feel civilized will be lost. When all is said and done, social expectations are irrelevant to their music. -- from cart! mysp

riyl: melvins, fugazi, sonic youth, experimental metal


blind moany wat

this band is hard to describe.... i dont want to call them noise, but i can really imagine some closed-minded folks saying "what is this? this isn't even music .... man just put (insert generic crappy band here, any will do) back on so i can listen to actual music "

blind moany wat create a soundscape of ambient noise, loops, effects, & other various tinkering around ... i really like this album, it provides a nice change of pace

free download courtesy of immigrant breast nest here

blind moany wat @ immigrant breast nest

garuda - cold wired sentiment + unreleased demos

garuda play a blended sound of heavy, aggressive melodic riffage reminscent of older mastodon, at the gates, etc. w/ a singer who is influenced by carcass....

"the now defunct Garuda began as a musical outlet for Brian Waits, David Purcell and Brian Green after the dissolve of Fort Worth hardcore/punk/metal band "Slave One"in the year 2000. After a few line-up changes, Garuda toured the US three times, twice with Dallas political punk band "Bread and Water". Garuda played their last show at the Wreck Room in Fort Worth in the sumer of 2004." -- from their mysp

garuda - cold wired sentiment

garuda - unreleased demos

nap attack - choose your own adventure + demo

this unique double bass + drummer trio is sadly no longer together ... nap attack could easily be described as prototypical math-rock.... they use no distortion & have a very organic sound....

from cdbaby - "an instrumental math rock three piece combining precision chaos with melodic sensibility... "

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