Saturday, April 9, 2011

organ - apoplexy in six parts extreme avant-garde metal band from Oslo, Norway containing members of the black metal band (V.E.G.A.). The bands only release to date is Apoplexy In Six Parts, a double cd released in 2004. the second disc features nothing but experimental electronic music.... will appeal to fans of Ved Buenes Ende and other post black metal acts.

dark-core black-metal elements over sweet galloping guitars and head nodding riffs. Simply WOW. get it, especially if you dig Alcest, Thränenkind and the likes. Just press play, close your eyes and be prepared to cross over ...

organ - apoplexy in six parts (2cd)

vog - s/t

been described as the halfway point between acid bath & sleep.....

This record is incredibly intense and if it doesn’t put Virginia’s bastard sons Vog on the map then the music world may very well be deaf. Vog hover somewhere in between punk, sludge, stoner rock, noise, psychedelic rock, grind, death and black metal, taking little bits and pieces from each genre and stitching them together into ugly, purely evil jams that can be likened to Acid Bath most directly.

... the vocal performance on this record is all over the map & unrelenting, ranging between intense screams that absolutely rage atop the music with some death growls adding more vitriol and even a bit of clean crooning that sounds great and incredibly ominous especially in the context of the albums' sprawling epics (which) switch tempos up between eerie, suffocating sludge and more punishing metal with clean vocals adding a ton of dementia to the slower parts.

... the rest of the band is on top of their game as well. The riffs just keep coming and they are always changing in speed and style which keeps things busy enough to suit the aptly pummeling rhythm section as the drummer has plenty of chances to go completely nuts on the kit.

... (this record is) all over the place never giving you a chance to compose yourself or figure out what they are going to throw your way next. They bring much faster speeds and in your face vocal assaults which are near grind in their intensity but still draw a certain amount of influence from sludge and punk...

a few of the songs get noisier and freaked out as they keep going .... the pace slows to that of pure, plundering sludge with crazy effects seeping through the layers of sound like patterns coming through the floor on a good trip. In fact this whole record is like being on drugs without actually taking anything ...

The band is incredibly tight w/ an insane vocal performance ...

the album closer finds them bringing a straight-up southern groove to the forefront with some fast metallic punk coming in later for more intensity.

This is damn fine stuff overall and there’s not one track that even drags on this record. If you dig Sludge, Acid Bath , etc., but are looking for something a bit more insane and off the deep end, then definitely check out Vog, they'll be worth your time. .... they take that whole sound and step it up a notch and add so many of their own nuances to it....

vawg - celf tyetold

vancouver - the moment

Debut record from Switzerland's Vancouver featuring members of Unfold, Impure Wilhelmina and Iscariote. This ephemeral musical project plays angry sludgecore beyond all realms of heaviness in the vein of Keelhaul, Knut and Cult of Luna

a good whole album start-to-finish listening experience.....

riyl: cult of luna, neurosis, knut, keelhaul, isis, etc

moment - the vancouver

total shutdown

... splattery jazz-core without macho attitude. Horns and a broken Casio poking up everywhere out of a bass/guit/drums whirlwind. Screaming, oh yes, there is screaming. There is room to throw a rock and sometimes a boulder through the mix. Not a wall of noise- it gets sparse. Songs, definite songs, but played so ferociously that you may think its improv. Awesome moves from all members. Usually things are broken. Band members and audience members alike hit the deck. All in all, terrible fun.

indeed spastic, maniacal, what some would refer to as "rainbow violence cocaine jazz" inspired by Judy Blume and the ill's of modern culture....

Total Shutdown are playing a type of music heard nowhere else. The only band they come close to are the earliest incarnations of the Flying Luttenbachers, back when Weasel Walter first appeared touring with a five- or six-piece unit and playing the dive-bomber jazz metal that freaked everybody out. Total Shutdown are even more insane than those early Luttenbacher formations were ....

somebody described them as Anal Cunt with saxophones ...

this album crackles and hisses with overloaded intent and crazed heavy-noise-punk-metal-jazz. Total Shutdown are well-known in their home town for excessive... well, everything.

totally shut down

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Monday, April 4, 2011

disfigured austrian noise-rock

Bug are no small insect, easily crushed and destroyed. Quite the contrary, Bug are a destroyer-beast. A psychotic, destructive, manic killer-hunk of noise-rock. Think of the best names in the noise-rock-alphabet, from A like Arab On Radar to Z like Zeni Geva, Bug is one big-assed entry in that lexicon.

... heavy percussions, distorted guitars, vocals that growl, howl and scream like any beast from the horror-dictionary, and some electronics to boot.

Sludgy noise rock based on a metal layer. The thing that sets this apart from the classic references like Isis or Keelhaul is that Bug is far less polished. Their songs contain the same dark atmosphere as aforementioned bands, but are way more brutal because the harsh and hammering part exists without introducing too much fancy parts.... Bug sound more menacing and disturbing….

...... intense heavy/noise/rock/core somewhere between Zeni Geva, Today is the Day, Unsane

Bug find a lot of heavy words and heavy notes against this game people play on spaceship earth..... they drench it with disgust and distorted guitars, without ever getting boring or fiddling their own knobs too much...

If you were born somewhere in the early to mid Seventies, then you experienced the best noise-rock-years during the most important part of your musical-puberty – then you are going to like this a lot. If not, "klotho" might set your record straight.

riyl: today is the day, unsane, zeni geva, etc.

bug - klotho