Sunday, July 14, 2013

Melvins - live Peel 1991.xx.xx

live Peel Session 1991.xx.xx
trt: 24m

unknown gen cassette > AGPtek USB cassette capture > PC via Audacity > mp3

Here we have an uncirculated (as far as I'm aware) Melvins live in-studio Peel (or BBC radio) session circa 1991. This show is on the B-Side of a bootleg cassette I acquired a long time ago. (the a-side & the beginning of the b-side has the Chicago 9-13-1991 sbd show which is already well circulated).

I can only speculate that this live session was recorded around the time of the Tanx 7'' vinyl (aka Tanks).

(none of these live songs are on the Tanx/Tanks vinyl release)

This is a straight-forward cassette to PC rip with no azimuth adjustment or tape hiss reduction.  The general sound of the audio was only slightly chipmunky (just barely noticeable), so I used Audacity to adjust the WAV file tempo by -5% to have it sounding as normal as possible.  Then the file was exported as a 320k mp3, then split w/ an mp3 splitter.

Track listing:

1. Creepy Smell
2. Grinding Process
3. Zodiac
4. Heater Moves & Eyes
5. At a Crawl
6. Oven
7. Leech
8. Raise a Paw
9. Green Honey
10. Ligature (cut-off)