Sunday, October 18, 2009

god's america - s-t cdr

God's America was an experimental post-hardcore Atlanta, GA.-based trio, formed in 2005. Garnering a cult following and playing numerous shows in the local Atlanta underground scene, God's America disbanded in the summer of 2006 before their guitarist moved to London.

The band's name was inspired by in particular by the Alan Jackson song Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) and the rise of Fundamentalist Christianity in post-9/11 America in general . Vocalist joined before the self-released, DIY cassette that would eventually go out of print and be re-released as a CD-R on Stickfigure Records. God's America played its last show at the Drunken Unicorn on August 26, 2006.

Opening for such bands as Fatal Flying Guilloteens and touring with Deerhunter, God's America demonstrated an uncanny ability to produce cacophonously Beefheartian guitar structures without being bogged down by the constraints of turn-of-the-century post-hardcore excesses.

"Utilizing a mix of jazz and rock style drumming in conjunction with an octave generator driven guitar sound completed with highly reverbed female vocals, God's America astound and leave audiences bewildered at the same time. Captain Beefheart meets Black Sabbath meets Steely Dan meets Elton John?!?" -- stickfigure

"Awesomely peculiar post-rock/art punk/math-sludge-splurt from Atlanta, whose ranks include members of Blame Game.

The trio concoct weird smeared math rock textures and very angular post-punk twitch over which extremely reverb dunked sorta-spoken vocals meander and mutter sleepily, and then shift into dreamlike plodding sludge, like a shoegaze pop band slowing down into a heavy narco caveman-Sabbath dirge cut up with splattery jazz/punk drumming and an octave generator jacked into the guitar. Very nice, very weird.

Angular postpunk indie-dreamsludge with an even more stoned sounding than usual Kim Gordon on vocals? The disc is spraypainted and comes inside of a handmade color calendar cutout assembled into a wallet sleeve with duct tape." -- crucial blast

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