Monday, April 4, 2011

disfigured austrian noise-rock

Bug are no small insect, easily crushed and destroyed. Quite the contrary, Bug are a destroyer-beast. A psychotic, destructive, manic killer-hunk of noise-rock. Think of the best names in the noise-rock-alphabet, from A like Arab On Radar to Z like Zeni Geva, Bug is one big-assed entry in that lexicon.

... heavy percussions, distorted guitars, vocals that growl, howl and scream like any beast from the horror-dictionary, and some electronics to boot.

Sludgy noise rock based on a metal layer. The thing that sets this apart from the classic references like Isis or Keelhaul is that Bug is far less polished. Their songs contain the same dark atmosphere as aforementioned bands, but are way more brutal because the harsh and hammering part exists without introducing too much fancy parts.... Bug sound more menacing and disturbing….

...... intense heavy/noise/rock/core somewhere between Zeni Geva, Today is the Day, Unsane

Bug find a lot of heavy words and heavy notes against this game people play on spaceship earth..... they drench it with disgust and distorted guitars, without ever getting boring or fiddling their own knobs too much...

If you were born somewhere in the early to mid Seventies, then you experienced the best noise-rock-years during the most important part of your musical-puberty – then you are going to like this a lot. If not, "klotho" might set your record straight.

riyl: today is the day, unsane, zeni geva, etc.

bug - klotho

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