Sunday, April 25, 2010

fat little bastard - an illustrated history

Fat Little Bastard is a dynamic, eclectic jazz/funk guitar trio who met while studying at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston in the late 90’s. Their sound crosses diverse musical boundaries with a unique rock sensibility. With influences ranging from Hendrix to Raymond Scott to Thelonious Monk, the band's original music is laced with wit and infused with turn-on-a-dime improvisations.

Originally joining forces in a full rock band, the group frequently snuck away to play sessions as a trio. Countless hours were spent jamming, turning grooves over, exploring texture, melody and time signature. What came about was something they thought special and unique. Eventually they began writing with the group in mind.

Various representative influences were brought to the table and a sound was born, a bastard if you will. There is a definite rock foundation, but you’ll also come across signs of jazz, klezmer, country, and the avant.

The CD, “An Illustrated History”, was recorded in late 2002 and has proven to appeal to audiences across many musical genres. Live performances from the Lizard Lounge and Harper’s Ferry in Boston to CBGB’s in New York to the Waiting room in Burlington, VT have racked up many enthusiastic listeners.

historical illustration

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