Sunday, April 25, 2010

mir - abandon ship

(from crucial blast):

Haven't heard any new music from Alex Buess (16-17 / Ice / God / Sprawl) in years, so just finding out that he had this new disc from a new project called Mir made my week. Fans of Buess's previous industrial/jazz/improv projects won't be disappointed, and if anything, Mir is one of the more extreme bands that I've heard Buess play in, no small thing if you're familiar with the scorching free-jazz-core of the mighty 16-17.

The music is a kind of super-heavy industrial dirge that appears to take cues from the later Ramleh work, the realms of modern avant-sludge, the crushing dystopian black dub of Godflesh/Painkiller, and just a smattering of noisy punk.

Think Praxis, Painkiller, Lietterspich, even early Swans, but really psychedelic and industrial, a sort of heavy, dark improvised industrial dub, quite different from Buess's other projects, definitely, but with that brutal experimental power that I've come to expect from anything that he's involved in.

abandon mir

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